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It’s been a busy 6 month's and I'm the first to admit it, “Do as I say, not do as I do!” as I have been neglecting this blog of what Announce has been working on as late.

Latest SEO articles suggest that fresh content is king, so I'm going to take a leaf out of my preaching book and have pencilled in a monthly date to write a blog, and stick to this as otherwise these things tend to get pushed to the back of the list! There you go I've said it! Lets see if I can stick to it!

NZ Open a great success!

We have recently completed the New Zealand Golf Open, which was a fantastic event that Announce Design completed the web design and then updated of the website during the event. This included taking some on course photography (which I really enjoy), including nailing the final shot of the winner on the 18th after sinking his wining putt.

We had some great content this year, with a team of social media guys looking after the facebook and twitter side of things, then 90 Seconds video putting together some great video clips of the tournament. If you ever looking for some well produced video content for you website I would recommend these guys.

With no live television coverage of the event this year, the website was very important with the delivery of live scoring, commentary through social media and for the first time in history a major sporting event in NZ live streaming!

Announce worked together with Taylor media, who provided the feed for the live stream, that featured live coverage across three holes on the final two days. It all went very smoothly (which was a relief!) and the traffic to the website this year was double that of the previous year.

We have already started planning for next years event, which will deliver a mobile specific web design and smart phone app.

MajorDomo Web Design and Development

We have been developing this website in conjunction with MajorDomo's graphic design team, La Roche Design. While Announce provides a full graphic design service, we are more than happy to work in with a clients existing graphic designer if that is what they prefer. Its a win, win situation and we have since been asked to work on other La Roche Design client websites.

This Queenstown based luxury accommodation & concierge provider had some challenging functionality requirements, with some properties being exclusive and using a third party booking system and the remaining properties requiring a general enquiry booking form which is then confirmed by MajorDomo after the enquiry. The accommodation rates also took some thought and a programming solution devised so that the client could have rates displayed for two to twelve people across four different seasons.

Each property has feature icons applied to it, a sliding photo gallery and a google map location. Visitors have the option to locate properties via a New Zealand google map that shows all accommodation locations, which can then be selected to view the holiday home details.

Vehicle Rentals are also provided as an option at the time of booking, with the entire website admin CMS allowing the client to add new properties, photos and rental vehicles. The end result was a very sophisticated looking website with great customised functionality driven by the client.

That’s they way it should be, and Announce can always meet your online business requirements as our AccedePlus content management system is built in house, rather than using a larger CMS platform that will only allow you to do so much within its confines.

We have some other great web design and branding projects due to be launched within the next couple of weeks... but that's another blog for next month! Until then please don't hesitate in contacting the team at Announce Design for a no obligation quote.

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